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Interpac Pty Ltd (Interpac) is one of leading providers of management, marketing, cooperate training, investment and finance, and migration advisory services.

Our Projects

Interpac assists clients to develop truly regional strategies to help mitigate risk, improve performance and create value, maximum business opportunity in both Australia and Asia, China in particular.

Meet Our Team

Based in Melbourne of Australia, Interpac consists two professional teams with multinational presences, Interpac Business Solutions (IBS), and Interpac Business & Migration Solutions (IBMS)

Latest News

China to dominate Asia’s growth in wine imports

Asia, particularly China, is set to dominate global wine consumption and import growth this decade, according to a new study. Research from the University of Adelaide’s Wine Economics Research Centre shows that China’s wine consumption could grow could grow by 60 per cent over the next few years, with demand set to outstrip supply by […]

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